Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  We absolutely love our new home.  We are also very appreciative of how smooth and stress free the buying process went.  Thanks again for everything!


Today marks exactly one year from move-in day since we’ve been in our dream house!!  I’m giddy most every day I wake up there or walk back in at the end of the day to realize THIS is our home.  We chose every single thing about this house- a million decisions to make but all well worth it.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out key people who helped make this possible. Andy, Lauren, Brad, Cindy and Rick were an absolute dream team.  They are like family now.  Such knowledgeable, fun, creative and talented down to earth professionals who really listened to what we wanted, carefully helped us manage and protect our budget but achieve exactly what we wanted.  They had such great ideas and made the whole process seamless. A million decisions are easier to make when you make them alongside a great builder.  Forever indebted RUCON team!  If we didn’t love this house so much we’d build again with you in a heartbeat!



Choosing Rucon to build our home is one of the best decisions we’ve made. We did our research, met with many other local builders, and while many are respected and talented as well, we found Rucon to be the perfect match for us. They are fun, innovative, respected our budget, creative in ideas and execution and their craftsmanship is superb.

We were pleased with all of their vendor partners, they led us well in choosing who to work with. We feel that we had a solid partnership with give and take – they listened to us, respected our ideas and helped us create a home that fit us perfectly. They were transparent with every decision and helped keep us in the loop every step of the way. They made the building process easy. We were told by many people that the building process is stressful, but we didn’t feel that way working with Rucon. It was a joy to spend time with them and we looked forward to all our appointments and decisions, truly valuing all the effort they gave us.

The end result is just what we hoped, a showcase home that fits our family and our lifestyle, within our budget, without sacrificing anything important to us. We recommend them without reservation to anyone who wants a custom home, remodeling done right or a trusted partner to bring your vision to fruition. Cindy, Rick, Brad, Andy and Lauren, thank you so much for sharing your talents with us! We are so grateful to have worked with you and to have our beautiful home!

Bill and Maria


“While we were in temporary living, it seemed as though the day may never come.  It was worth the wait.  We cannot thank you enough for building us such a wonderful home!

We are thankful for your creativity and open-minded approach to home building.  We truly feel as though this home is a great fit for our lifestyle and family in large part due to your willingness to turn our ideas into reality.

We are thankful for your patience with us as we made decisions (and sometimes re-made decisions!)

We are thankful for your knowledge to steer us in the right direction when we needed expert guidance.

We are thankful for your thoughtfulness in regard to our budget and timeline.

We are thankful for your impressive attention to detail!

We are thankful for your problem solving ability.  No matter how much planning takes place, issues always arise.  You were quick with solutions and you never hid anything from us.  If there was a concern, you shared it and your plan to remedy the situation.

We are thankful that your family business is solidly built on a foundation of ethical thinking and integrity.  In a time where many aren’t, it’s a breath of fresh air.  Doing the right thing will never be wrong.

We feel very blessed that our home building path led us to RUCON.  It was clear from the first time we met each of you, you all love what you do.  You put your heart and soul into building homes, and it shows!  We have been so happy to get to know you all!

With great appreciation,

Matt & Stephanie

“Andy-You and your family will always be in our fondest memories.  Please share with your dad, mom, and brother that the Cheak Family will always appreciate the ethics, quality, and service you and your company delivers.  Please promise not to change your model going forward – quality counts.”
“I have to pass this along to you-a couple of weeks ago I had a dozen friends from the YMCA over for dinner-women whom I admire-women with great taste whose homes are lovely.  Everyone raved about the lovely decorating in this house-your choice of colors, flooring, woodwork-everything!  This is the same reaction I get whenever anyone comes here-My husbands whole family at Christmas, for example-compliments much above the expected when people walk through a new home.  As I told Andy-we did not feel that any of our furniture was worthy of the gorgeous home your family built and that you decorated!  Thank you!!  I also need to compliment you and Rick on what terrific sons you raised.  We are just getting to know Brad-he rescued us during the blizzard right after we moved in by clearing our apron (we have a snow blower now!)-and again when the cable tv guy drilled a hole right into the powder room.  Brad is just a fantastic guy.  And, we probably couldn’t say enough good things about Andy.  First-he sold our 30 year old home in the worst housing market of my lifetime.  He always acknowledged the sentimental value of that home (we lived there for 23 years) to us-was thoughtful, dependable, on top of all the myriad details of closing two homes-and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Thank you sincerely for all these things!!
“Boy, where do I begin……We were very nervous about starting to remodel our house having never experienced the process before.  We had heard horror stories from others about their experiences.  Turns out, we had nothing to fear!  From the beginning you were very knowledgeable, honest about time lines and what would work and not work, never pushy, and always very patient with us when we changed our minds about things.  The tradesmen that worked on our project were very polite, prompt and professional also.  The quality of the work was impeccable!
Cindy-It was a pleasure working with you.  You’ve got great taste and I loved your ideas.  I always looked forward to our “outings” picking things out because I knew with your help, I’d find something amazing.  Plus, we always had a lot of laughs.
Brad-Talk about a man of all trades!  You had a hand in everything and always kept a very close eye on the progress that was being made.  You made sure you kept us up to date with the time line and always followed through on your word.  We are grateful.
We greatly look forward to working with you in the future.  Our study or kitchen in 2013 perhaps………..


“I want you to know that we were just talking today with our neighbors about how wonderful it is that you stand behind your homes.  We consider ourselves lucky, indeed, to have a RUCON home!”
“This experience would not have been the same without all of your help!!  There are horror stories about building homes–but in our case it was like a fairy tale story with the most magical ending of all!!  Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for giving us our fairy tale of a lifetime!!”
“What a beautiful home you have built for us!  Words cannot express just how amazing we feel each time we step in the door – it truly reflects our personalities & lifestyle….RUCON sets the bar high & truly exemplified professionalism with a personal touch…You have managed to exceed our every expectation.  We would highly recommend RUCON to anyone.  Thank you for building the foundation upon which we build eternal memories.”
“Thanks again for all your help.  The guidance we received during this project was appreciated and helpful!!  It was enjoyable working with you…you are a great team!!”
“We will always remember you and how well you treated us and please put us on a list of references.  We see you more as friends then our builder that says a lot about the quality of our experience.”
“You’ve earned a Gold Star!  In an age of fast-paced everything, second rate materials and too-busy-for-communication society, please know this is the category for which you do NOT fit.We are huge on old-fashioned core values in work, in play, everyday.  Anchors in life we stand for and look for in others are:  respect, integrity, sincerity, personal warmth.  The “little things” in life are not little.Equally important as the quality condo you built for us is the foundation of trust.  Keeping your word, clear communication in the way of prompt return of phone calls, questions answered (with no “runaround” or excuses) created an experience of sheer joy, with no stress.  And, because all of your contacts with us were personal and unhurried through a myriad of choices made as our responsibility, a smile continues to remain on our faces and in our hearts.The entire building process included quality in relationships as well as in materials.  You each have played an important role within, behind and in front of the walls being built.A gold star INDEED!  We love our condo and the integrity backing it!


“Thank you very much for the awesome work you did on our house.  We really appreciate all the time and hard work that went into putting our house back together.  You are a wonderful family and we feel very blessed to have had the chance to get to know you all!”